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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences boasts the most diverse College at Troy University. Students are receiving education in law enforcement; chemical, physical, and biological sciences; electronics engineering technology; mathematics; political science; and more. As innovation leaders are borne through TROY’s College of Arts & Sciences, donors are encouraged to lead passionately and find a cause that represents their desire for change. Gifts are fundamental to the future success, life change, and continuation of excellence within the college's fiber.

Troy University ArboretumDonors are invited to be a part of change in the only outdoor classroom facility on TROY’s Campus. The Arboretum gives various students across disciplines an environment in which to learn more about our world through a new lens. Funds will solely be applied to the maintenance, preservation, and renovation of the Arboretum and Arboretum grounds on TROY’s main campus. 

School of Science & Technology Fund: Help our students experience their discipline in brand new ways! This fund is directly tied to funding research-based trips for students in Science and Technology fields and to funding guest speakers for academic seminars or engagements. Through your contribution, our students will lead their fields by learning from experiences on and off campus. 

Dean’s Excellence Scholarship for Graduate Studies in the College of Arts & SciencesCome alongside our graduate students as they cultivate a deeper understanding of their disciplines at Troy University. Your funding makes their education possible! Funds are allocated specifically to aid graduate students within the College of Arts and Sciences. Join our Dean in commending them for their rigorous academic achievements and leading change in each of their fields. 

Troy University Alumni Board of Directors
Leadership board is committed to giving 100%. Rosemary Elebash, President, has committed $1,000 when all 18 Board of Directors have made a gift.
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