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College of Communication and Fine Arts

The College of Communication & Fine Arts (CCFA) at Troy University focuses on sustaining excellence in academic performance, enhancing lives, and preparing students for careers in an ever-changing world. Six units comprise our College: the Department of Art & Design, the Department of English, the Hall School of Journalism & Communication, the John M. Long School of Music, the Department of Theatre & Dance, and the Department of World Languages & Cultures. Combining tradition with innovation and internationalization, CCFA focuses on sustaining excellence in academic performance, enhancing lives, and preparing students for careers in an everchanging world.

Please consider making a 2023 Giving Day donation of any amount to one of the following important projects for the College of Communication and Fine Arts:

English Department Fund – As we look to improve and integrate professional training into our English major, the Department of English has designed a two-semester publishing program that will give students direct experience in the publishing industry. Within this program, students will commission, edit, design, proofread, and oversee the publication of a book. Help fund this program and give our students a unique learning experience!

Theatre Fund – Each semester, our Theatre and Dance Department produces fantastic productions and shows. To maintain the excellence of these productions, improve set design, and increase student engagement, we are fundraising for a box truck that Theatre and Dance can use to move equipment and set pieces from their workshop to the stage. This box truck would increase the department’s function not only near show time, but on a weekly basis. With your help, we can raise the funds needed to support our Theatre and Dance Department and give our students new opportunities on and off the stage! 

GOAL $30,000

If you wish to support CCFA further, please consider joining Troy Humanities Alliance (THA). THA is a body of friends, alumni, supporters, and patrons of CCFA with the goal of promoting the well-being, advancement, and success of the college. To join THA, we ask that you give annually to any CCFA at a level meaningful to you. Giving tiers include Designer Circle $2,500 per year, Performer Circle $1,200 per year, Authors $500 per year, Reporters $300 per year, and Ensemble Members $100 per year. Members of THA will meet periodically with fellow members and CCFA students, faculty, staff and administrators; share achievements and priorities of the College with other prospective supporters; and attend CCFA events such as exhibits, productions, concerts, recitals, shows, and similar activities.

College of Communication and Fine Arts Challenge
When 5 gifts of $100 or more are made to any College of Communication and Fine Arts fund $500, donated by Dr. Michael Thrasher, Dean, will be unlocked.
5 / 5 Gifts
Troy University Alumni Board of Directors
Leadership board is committed to giving 100%. Rosemary Elebash, President, has committed $1,000 when all 18 Board of Directors have made a gift.
18 / 18 Donors
Sound of the South Alumni Challenge
For every 25 gifts donated to the Sound of the South Band Program, the Troy University Band Alumni Chapter will donate $500 to SOTS. Donate to unlock up to $2,500.
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